Molykote 1000 paste datasheets360

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Molykote 1000 paste datasheets360

This solid lubricant paste offers good protection against corrosion and optmizes friction to enable non- destructive dismantling even after long exposure to high temperatures. Molykote 1000 paste datasheets360. Molykote 1000 is a lead and nickel free antu- seize paste used to help molykote reduce wear of threaded fasteners. Molykote G- n Metal Assembly Paste is a multi- purpose heavy duty molykote lubricating paste containing a blend of molybdenum disulfide white solid lubricants in datasheets360 a mineral oil. Featured Product Molykote™ G- N Metal 1000 Assembly Paste. 1 mg/ m3, Copper This material contains datasheets360 datasheets360 a simple molykote asphyxiant which may displace oxygen. View datasheet for DOW Molykote DX Paste. DOW Molykote DX Paste is a 1 1000 Part Lithium, Paste used to Lubricate Metal, Corrosion inhibitor, Mineral oil, Lithium soap, , Solid lubricants Plastic.

Molykote datasheets

Ellsworth Adhesives offers a comprehensive line of Dow MOLYKOTE™ Silicone lubricants, pastes, greases, and anti- seize compounds. These products are used to improve performance and longevity by providing excellent resistance against extreme temperatures, degradation, oxidation, wear, and corrosion. Molykote™ 1000 Paste Mineral oil based paste formulated with solid lubricants such as copper, graphite, and white solids. Offering anti- seize properties and commonly used in bolted metal joints. Molykote® 1000 Solid Lubricant Paste is a lead and nickel free anti- seize paste used to reduce wear and optimize friction of threaded fasteners, or other metal- to- metal joints, enabling non- destructive dismantling, even after long exposure to high temperatures.

molykote 1000 paste datasheets360

It offers good corrosion protection, under high loads, over a wide temperature range. Molykote G- Rapid Plus Paste is a Solid Paste Lubricant with Low Friction for the Assembly and Running in of Metallic Components.